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Reads Your Texts.

"Recitator" (Latin reciter, reader) reads your texts to you.

You can hear your texts while commuting or during a walk.
If no audiobook exists for your text then "Text Speaker" is the ideal alternative.

"Recitator" speaks PDF and text (TXT) files. You can use iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox to transfer the files.

You can use "Recitator" also for proof reading of your documents.
Let it read e.g. your report to you to find orthographic errors or missing words.
Simply save your document as text or PDF file and transfer it to "Recitator".

  • Simple to use.
  • No In-App purchases. You don't have to buy additional speaker or speech packets.
  • Supports many languages, e.g. English, German, Spanish, French, etc.
  • Saves the last text position. The next time you open a document you can continue listening at the same position.
  • Supports iPhone and iPad.
  • Data transfer via iTunes File Sharing.
  • Supports Dropbox.

If you would like to test "Recitator" before you buy, please download the Lite Version from the App Store. You can easily test that your files are spoken satisfactorily.
The only difference of the Lite version is that it stops speaking after a few sentences.

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