Features at a Glance

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  • Support for Quizlet and StudyStack
  • Creating, editing and deleting flashcards on the device
  • Fast edit mode during studying to correct typos very easily
  • Support of images in flashcards, images can be taken instantly from the camera or from the photo library
  • Spaced repetition: iMemento Deluxe takes care by itself about the next time when cards are ready for studying
  • Exam mode: you can test your knowledge almost any time. iMemento Deluxe will prepare an exam and grade your answers
  • Formatting: individual characters or words can be formatted with bold, italic, underline or some color.
  • Structuring: Flashcards can be structured in Books and Lectures. This gives more choice in ordering the flashcards. E.g. you could have a “English-German”
    book with several lectures in it like “At home”, “In the office”, “Smalltalk”, etc.
  • Speech output (Text-To-Speech)
  • Learning (show card) mode: If you just want to have a look a the flashcards, e.g. for initial learning, there is now a special mode available for this.
  • Statistics: you have full control now over your learning progress
  • Change learning progress of individual cards: you can downgrade the learning progress for individual cards manually. Note: upgrading is not possible to prevent cheating :-)
  • Undo: During Studying you can undo the latest card progress. E.g in case you accidentally marked the card as known.
  • Multiple choice mode: During Study you can now also choose multiple choice. In this mode iMemento Deluxe will present to you 4 different answers for a card and you have to choose the correct one.
  • Landscape: The Study mode now supports portrait and landscape mode.
  • iTunes File Sharing: as most of the problems with iMemento classic arose from individual WLAN network problems this mode has been replaced by iTunes File
    Sharing. I.e. you can now easily exchange data to and from iMemento Deluxe via iTunes. This works for Mac and for Windows.
  • Dropbox support: Import your flashcards from your Dropbox folder.
  • Import from the old iMemento App including the learning progress.
  • Customization of your flashcards: Your flashcards are now visually presented by a book graphic. Many aspects of the book appearance (like color, title, graphics) can be customized. The same applies to the flashcards itself.
    The card’s background graphics and color is highly customizable. Each lecture may receive different card attributes.
  • iMemento Deluxe can still import from many other flashcard programs and sites possible through the csv file format, e.g. iFlipr, iFlash, Mental Case, Studycard Studio, Pauker, phase-6 (v2.1), ProVoc, Questioner, SuperMemo, StudyStack, Quizlet, ProProfs,
  • No need to create or upload flashcards to the internet



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