iMemento Deluxe is a flashcard app for the iPhone.
It allows you to create and study your own flashcards.
iMemento Deluxe is the successor of the well-known iMemento flashcard app, but comes with more features.
It especially allows now to create and manage flashcards directly on the device. Furthermore it now has an algorithm implemented to remind you of due cards automatically. To keep an overview of your studies you have the possibility to view your learning progress as a diagram.
Your learning topics are structured in “books” and “lectures”.
The appearance is highly customizable. You can change the book and card colors. You can even change the backgrounds of the cards depending on the lecture.

iMemento Deluxe comes with some pre-installed flashcards that are meant to demonstrate the use of the program. But the main intention of iMemento is to use it with your own flashcards.
You can easily create new flashcards directly on your iPhone. You can also format parts of your text in bold, italic, or even with different text colors. You can even add pictures to your flashcards.

To store all these information iMemento Deluxe uses a data format that can be easily exchanged between iPhones via e.g. email. Of course, it is still capable to import files based on the .csv and .txt format. And if you already own the old iMemento it offers an easy way to migrate the flashcards together with the learning information.

Video tutorials

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Karten abfragen:

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Here are some more example books.

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