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Welcome to iMemento!
The easy way to study flashcards.

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Create your own flashcards easily on your Mac or PC and transfer them to your iPhone/iPod Touch for further studying.
iMemento lets you take your flashcards with you where ever you go.
Please look here for reviews of iMemento.


iMemento comes with some pre-installed flashcard sets that are meant to demonstrate the use of the program.
But the main intention of iMemento is to use it with your own flashcards.
While creating new cards you already start to learn.

iMemento is also especially suited to study vocabularies for school. A lesson can be individually created on the Mac or PC. Once transferred to the iPhone/iPod Touch it can be studied very comfortable whenever you have some spare time (e.g. waiting for the bus).

The pictures below show how easy it is to transfer your own flashcards to iMemento and begin with studying:

Use a simple text editor that comes with your operating system to create own sets of flashcards.

To transfer files to your iPhone/iPod Touch it needs to be connected to your local network via WLAN. Your Mac or PC has to be connected to the same local network.
Now you can use the standard web browser that comes with your Mac or PC.
With the browser you can access the flashcard files on your iPhone/iPod Touch or upload flashcard files to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

iMemento is able to read simple text files in which the question and answer is on its own line and flashcards are separated by an empty line.
Furthermore iMemento can read csv- and tsv-files which can be exported from many other programs (e.g. Excel), so that you can migrate easily if you already use flashcards in another (desktop) flashcard program.
Please also have a look here for some links to sites containing flashcards. The FAQs explain how to import these files into iMemento.

NETWORK: Both, your Mac or PC, and your iPhone/iPod Touch need to be connected to the same local network. For the iPhone/iPod Touch this means that it has to be connected to your local network via WLAN. With a GSM connection alone it will not be possible to transfer files.
In a normal setup the Mac (or PC) and the iPhone/iPod Touch are both connected to the same network router. The iPhone/iPod Touch is connected via WLAN and the Mac (or PC) is connected via WLAN as well or via Ethernet.
DESKTOP APPLICATIONS: To setup the connection between the iPhone/iPod Touch and your Mac (or PC) you need a web browser. To create flashcards a simple text editor is required.
Both applications are typically already installed with your operating system. On Mac you can use the standard browser 'Safari' and the text editor 'Textedit'. On Windows (XP) use the 'Internet Explorer' as browser and 'Notepad' as text editor.
There is normally no need to install extra applications.

There exists also a Lite version (iMemento Flashcards Lite) if you would like to "try before buy".

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